Wednesday, August 8, 2007

New Video Clip

I really enjoy the video clips on the Rockpiles blog. Since I have the equipment and sometime off this summer I am going to add some video clips to this blog. The stone pile shown in this clip is located at the top of a hill. This hill has a double row of stone piles that extend up to this large one at the crest. This is just a theory but this line seems to follow the path of the sun. The cairn or pile this four foot tall, ten feet across, twenty five feet long. The uphill section seems added and circular.


Norman said...

Your "You-Tube" videos are a nice addition to your blog, as they are informative, have clear images, are a good length and the audio is better than most. The better preserved stone features remind me of some large cairns I saw in Woodstock, NY, earlier this year. Those clustered around a spring sound intriguing.


stonepilewhisper said...

Thanks Norman, It seems that you can only learn so much from a photo. The video lets you see all sides of a cairn.