Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Many years ago I found a stone pile that was round and showed signs of being stacked up like a foundation or a stone wall a local old timer told me it was a Native American stone pile. In my search to learn more about this I met a remarkable person. David Robinson. He gave me a great deal of valuable information and started me on a journey of discovery. David told me he started his search for understanding because he found these interesting stone piles on his property. All these years later I finally got a chance to see these stone piles. David has passed on but his son Andy took me up to see them. I am posting videos and pictures of what Andy showed me on the blog.

This video shows what we found.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Just when I think all of the cairns in Western New York have been discovered more of them reveal themselves. This week Norman M. sent me a packet of information developed by David Robinson and his son Andrew. Include in the packet was a picture of a large, well stacked cairn located in Swain. David Robinson told me about this cairn years ago. He said it started his interest in research Native Archeology in Western New York.

Also documented was a perfect beehive cairn located near Andover New York. These beehive cairns are interesting. I saw one near Cinnamon Lake just East of Corning. There is at least one more cairn in the picture.

The packet also contained information on a site near Canisteo. This site included a good sized circular cairn and a large slide that may have been a collapsed cairn.

Still another site was mentioned North of Angelica. No pictures were included. 

I plan on visiting all of these sites during my April vacation.