Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Many years ago I found a stone pile that was round and showed signs of being stacked up like a foundation or a stone wall a local old timer told me it was a Native American stone pile. In my search to learn more about this I met a remarkable person. David Robinson. He gave me a great deal of valuable information and started me on a journey of discovery. David told me he started his search for understanding because he found these interesting stone piles on his property. All these years later I finally got a chance to see these stone piles. David has passed on but his son Andy took me up to see them. I am posting videos and pictures of what Andy showed me on the blog.

This video shows what we found.


Norman said...

Interesting video. The more I see of these stone piles, the more I want to see more of them!

Norman said...

Would you say that the 8' wide round stone mound on top of a 20' wide base represents a later construction? A colleague in TN sent me a photo of what appears to be a "newer" mound on top of an older one, which is the reason I'm asking.

stonepilewhisper said...

I should have said 8 feet across and twenty feet across instead of around. I think the construction on top is newer. Of course it would have to be. I think you are implying that there was a substantial period of time between the construction of the two parts. I would guess that that is true. A guess is a dangerous thing. Good question though.