Sunday, October 28, 2007


Went for a hike and marked a few new stone piles. Judy was happier than she looks in the picture. Most of these piles were small but showed definite signs of stacking.


Anonymous said...

What a lovely girlfriend you have! She was speaking to a colleague about your stone piles and mentioned Bob Gullo, retired from SJF College (Head Librarian turned amateur archeologist) in Rochester. She thought he would be very interested in your finds. I have his number and will e-mail it to you. Look forward to walking in the woods again with you to discover more!! I'm happy, just not photogenic :)

stonepilewhisper said...

Lucky indeed:)

madis senner said...

Happy Valley and nearby Winnoa are in the heart of the snowbelt. I have hiked and cross country skied both places and don't remember an abundance of stone edifices--that is not to say they aren't there. I dowsed small bits of both and there are definitelysome sacred sites in both places.

I have a Mohawk friend that lives in nearby Parish. H believes that the Haudenosuaunee traveled through the area, but did not spend much time there because of all the snow.

His home marks the intersection of several Native American trails that are no longer visually apparent. The area near the intersection of trails is peppered with many ceremonial and prayer sites. It also has a "SMOKING" amount of natural energy. He holds sweat lodges on his property regularly. They are members of the Where People Gather communty: All are welcome. I can put you touch if you are interested.