Friday, February 22, 2008

About the High Tor or Hi Tor Stone Monuments

High above the Naples Valley, hidden throughout the forest, are hundreds of stacked stone piles. Contrary to popular belief these stone piles are not historic, they are Pre-Columbian. They were not made by farmers clearing fields they were made by native people. As a young man I picked rocks for the local farmers and I know that no farm hand would waste time making stacked platforms. I have estimated that some of these piles would have taken a month or more to build and there are dozens of these very large piles. Others have theorized that a mentally handicapped family member or a bored pioneer created these stone piles. That is really funny. Some people try so hard to deny the fact that people lived here before the European-Americans took possession of the land.
I believe that the stone piles were created by a culture that lived in this area before the time of the Sonontouan (or "Seneca") people that call this area their birthplace. Over the summer I will be adding more information and pictures to this blog detailing this site. My hope is that others that find this topic interesting will share information with me and work to preserve these ancient artifacts

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