Friday, December 28, 2007

Long Linear Mound

This video shows a long linear mound. Sorry about the quality of the video. The mound is snow covered and the brush around the mound made taping difficult. I wanted to document this type of linear mound. It is 40 feet long and points in a NW to SE direction. There is a round stone pile 20 feet East of this and these piles are part of a line of stone piles that extend for 3/4s of a mile.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

New Area

I think I confirmed a new area where stone piles are located this week. Someone once told me that there are Native stone piles located at the Canandaigua on ramp to the Thruway. Several stone piles are clearly visible in the woods to the East between the toll both and the Thruway. Now that the leaves are gone a small round pile and a long mound are visible. Because of their shape, the way that they are clustered, and the fact that the land is too wet to be farmed, I do believe they are of Native origin. I plan on making a video of a similar long mound tomorrow. Anyone getting on the Thruway here a traveling West can see these pile from their vehicle as they drive by.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Good New Information

I think the real power in a blog like this is that it has the ability to connect people with a shared interest. There is a loosely connected network of people all along the east coast that have found the types of stone structures I've found in this area. When you connect all of these loose threads together a much clearer vision of this archaeological phenomena appears.

I've been communicating with Norman M. recently and he has pointed out other important places on the Internet where sites have been documented. His Neara article on Rochester Vermont documents an area where a large number of well preserved cairns exist. He also shared a good PowerPoint slideshow that documents large cairns on Overlook Mountain (click on the link at the bottom)in New York State.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Rhinebeck New York

Norman M. sent me a link to an excellent video that documents a cairn site in Rhinebeck New York. These cairns remind me of the ones located here in the Fingerlakes area.