Friday, October 10, 2008


I haven't post much lately because I haven't had a lot to report. This week I was contacted by a reader (Jeff) that found stone piles on and around his land near Springwater NY. I was very excited when he sent me some pictures. Two of the cairns are quite large and well stacked. I have a feeling there might be a lot of these yet to be found in this area. I will post more information when I find out more.

Update: I went down to Springwater over April break and met Jeff and Gus. Nice guys. They found two large well formed stone piles just off their property and knew they were unusual. In researching them they found their way to this blog. I am glad they did. These are the tallest stone piles I have seen. Over ten feet. In addition to their original find I found another dozen less impressive pile that form a line extending North of their original find. If you look at the map you will notice that they follow a natural depression or shallow valley over the hill. We haven't explore to the South. I wouldn't be surprized if there aren't more stone piles in this area.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Norman Brockenshire

I am an open minded person but I am also a skeptic of fuzzy science. This topic of stone structures seems to attract a number of individuals with strange theories about who created these stone structures. Some even attribute special powers to them. I feel it is necessary to state that I do not. I appreciate the fact that these structure are what they are mysterious monuments from the past. I was disappointed to see that Norma Brockenshire is a speaker at the Fall meeting of Neara (New England Antiquities Research Association). It is hard enough to get people to understand this Archaeological phenomia without adding a bunch of ridiculous speculation. I don't know Mr. Brockenshire but I have read the information on his web page. He seems to be suggesting that these mounds are connected to the "people of the book of mormon". What a joke. First, the Mormon religion is the most pathetic excuse for a faith currently praticed in this country. Anyone that believes this nonsense should not be inculded in any scientic discussion. Secondly, I believe that racism is the only explaination for the way some people have such trouble believing that Native people made these structures. What adds insult to injury is that Joe Smith plillaged a number of stone piles looking for treasure before he concocted his story about finding golden books.
Neara appears to be a group of people with legitamate scientific interest as well as a few of these nut cases. It is to bad Neara can't be descriminate in choosing speakers. Sorry to waste my blog space ranting like this but enough with the nonsense. Quit standing on the whale fishing for minnows.