Thursday, May 29, 2008

Turnpike State Forest

It is fascinating how the whisper of these stone pile travels to one ears. I had talked to my friend and fellow teacher D. House about using my GPS device. He is an avid Geocacher. I told him I did geocaching but used my GPS mostly to document the location of Native American stone piles. Some time after this discussion he told me that he found a geocache in one of these stone piles. Over the Memorial weekend my girlfriend Judy and I decided to go check it out. We made the drive to the Alfred area and headed into the woods. It was a hot buggy day and the wild roses made the hike a struggle but we did find native stone piles. This is a completely new area never before documented. I didn't have time for extensive exploration but I did find three cairns. They were in bad shape and somewhat unremarkable. I hope to go back next autumn to look for more. If any readers get a chance to check out this area I would like to hear what you find. These are the coordinates for the small pile where the cache is located N42 17.599 W 077 49.373 .