Monday, August 20, 2007

Italy Hill

Technically Italy Hill is not a part of the Hi-Tor Wildlife Area but I am adding information about the Stone Structures on Italy Hill in this post. I have been looking for stone piles on Italy Hill for tens years. I had found stone piles to the East in Friend and to the West on East Hill. It made sense that there would be some in between. Until last week I hadn't had any luck. It is a big wild hill and hiking the whole hill would take a good deal of time. Just when I had given up looking for them they found me. I was Geocaching last week and a large cairn was right next to the cache site.

With a little exploring I found about twenty cairns in this area. These cairns are deteriorated. They also seem to have originally had a unique feature. They appear to have been large circular platforms with smaller circular platforms built on top of the larger base.

One pair of piles is also unusual because two piles are connected. There is a large Maple growing right out of one of the piles.


pwax said...

Nice site.

stonepilewhisper said...

Thanks Pwax

It is nice to know that I have a whole new area to explore.