Sunday, January 31, 2010

Clark Gully Revisited

View from the gullies edge.

First Pile Found

Stone Pile located on a Spring

I went for a hike yesterday not expecting to find any new discoveries. It was a beautiful winter Saturday. The temps were in the single digits but the sun was out, the ground was covered with a light dusting of snow and there was no wind. I had found twenty stone piles (with the help of David Robinson) on the South side of Clark gully many years ago but had never had any luck on the North side of the gully. There is a lot of rugged territory in this part of the Hi-Tor area and I had never explored this far North and West of the gully. My goal was to get a photo from a spot on the gully with a great view so I didn't have my GPS or my meter stick. I didn't get very far into the woods when three stone piles that were definitely of Native American origin found me. One was placed at the origin of a strong spring. A line of 10 piles going up the hill found me. I will be going back Monday to mark them with my GPS.


madis senner said...

Well done Stone Pile Whisper. I look forward to getting the exact details of where the piles are located. If they are on the North side I would be interested in finding out whether the piles are also placed on earth chakras.
madis senner

theseventhgeneration said...

Very nice! That's a beautiful view, too. I'm so glad you found these, or - I should say - that they found you!

Ben Gage said...

great blog, thanks for your work...

Unknown said...

I came across them today!