Sunday, November 6, 2011

Back to Brink Hill

I finally met Madis Senner and his dog Pepper yesterday. Madis shares my interest in ancient stone structures and publishes his own blog at

Madis focuses on the how these structures connect to mother earth and the energy that runs through them. He has some interesting ideas including using dowsing rods to detect energy. Although I have a different approach to my research I do appreciate his point of view and enjoyed walking through the woods on a beautiful November day. The hill we visited just off of Brink Hill Road, East of Naples, is a special place. There are hundreds of Native American stone piles in this area but this one hill side has the best preserved collection of them. They make a zig zag line up the hill. At the top of the hill is a very large three tiered rectangular cairn with a circular mound on the end. This is a larger version the the one in Clark Gully.

Anyone who has been to this spot with me has been convinced that these stone piles were not made by farmers. Unfortunately my camera malfunctioned and the photos I took didn't come out but I did take a few with my phone that I will post.
This is State land, part of the Hi-Tor preserve. It would be nice if the state recognized these structures and took steps to protect them. Unfortunately for whatever reason the DEC and Historical Preservation department don't have time or interest in examining these archeological treasures.


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