Thursday, July 19, 2007

More on Hi-Tor

Hi-Tor is a loosely connected set of areas of state land located around the South end of Canandaigua Lake. Most of this land was once cleared but has gone back to hardwood covered forest. I have not explored the Western areas around Bristol but I have hiked extensively through The Clark Gully, Bare Hill and the Brink Road forest. While these hills were developed in the past a combination of factors have helped to preserve the stone monuments. These hills are tall and have poor soil. In the past hearty souls tried to raise sheep or grow potato's on them with little success. The climate on the tops of these hills is noticeably harsher than that of the climate in the surrounding valleys. Because of these conditions this area has always been very rural and remote.

Today this land is used by hunters and hikers. The Fingerlakes trail goes right past some of the stone piles hidden in these woods. To date the state has done a good job of creating a natural area that the local residence can enjoy. I do worry that future logging might damage some of the stone structures. Even without the unique archaeological artifacts found in Hi-Tor it is a wonderful place to visit. There are streams with gorgeous waterfalls, nice trails to hike, ponds, and lean-to's for camping. It is no coincidence that the hill tops have spectacular views for miles in every direction.

Note to the reader: If your every in the area and would like a tour please feel free to contact me.

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